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LaQuzu – The atmosphere of LaQuzu restaurant, located within the walls of the majestic "old" city. A delicious assortment of designer appetizers and salads, sajas and char-grilled dishes, and, of course, fabulous oriental sweets will create that very distinctive edge in taste that you have never tasted before. To experience the atmosphere of LaQuzu restaurant you should definitely start your morning with breakfast, which is served with samovar tea. Breakfast has all the ingredients for a positive start to your day.
It is a well-known fact that music contributes to better digestion and gives even more emotional pleasure from a meal, so the restaurant couldn't help include "live music" in the list of services.

  • Suleyman Vazirov 22, AZ 1005, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • (+99412) 4379090
  • sales@mice.az