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National Art Museum of Azerbaijan: is the biggest art museum of Azerbaijan. It was founded in 1936 in Baku and in 1943 was named after Rustam Mustafayev, a prominent Azerbaijani scenic designer and theater artist. The museum consists of two buildings standing next to each other. The museum's total collection includes over 15,000 artworks. 

Organized scientific lectures, excursions, programmes for families, children and youth, circles, master classes, round tables and discussions are interesting regardless of age and national origin. The Azerbaijan National Art Museum is a treasure house that preserves our national values and universal cultural heritage.
There are kept more than 18,000 monuments of art in the museum which has a rich history. In 1924 it was founded as art department under Azerbaijan State Museum. In 1936 according to resolution of Council of Peoples Commissars the art department was separated from the Azerbaijan State Museum and organized as an independent museum. The museum has 3 halls for 120, 70 and 25 seats for events.

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